Interface of Electronic City’s TV set‑top box

Electronic City is an internet service provider in Novosibirsk, Russia. Like any self‑respecting ISP, Electronic City has its own TV set‑top box. To push the box forward 10 years ahead of the competition, Bureau Gorbunov has designed the user interface and content layout principles for the main screen, TV show and movie collections, and search. · Developed by the client · 30 April 2019

The main screen’s content adapts automatically to the situation and the viewer. For example, in the beginning of the day the box will suggest light‑hearted morning shows, on the day of a big sports event the box will remind about it, in a family with kids will always display the favorite children’s channel.

Screen navigation pleases the eye:

The interface is designed so that the most used and important sections are easily accessible. For example, to go to search, you just press the arrow button on the remote. Search will open regardless of where the pointer was before.

Search not only understands movie names, but also genres, time of the day, and situations:

Thematic collections help the viewer to find way around Electronic City’s catalog and find what to watch. The appearance of the collections depends on their content.

To those who value complex humor and thought‑out dialogues:

10 Tarantino movies

Relax on a weekend:

10 shows for the weekend

About the project

3 September —
21 September 2018
3 weeks
Art director

Artem Gorbunov

Lead designer

Michael Nozik


Maria Bulina


Syoma Syomochkin