About us

Bureau Gorbunov started in 2007. We help our clients launch products and services. We do naming, identity, user interfaces, websites, paper and digital media design, visualizations, packaging, wayfinding, and advertising:

The approach

A friendly user interface or a beautiful package by themselves do not guarantee a product’s success. That’s why we study and use the laws, methods, and ideas of efficient design. Together with the client, we try to make sure that we are building a system that will work.

We never stop at just pictures or even prototypes. We want to be responsible for the real product and have our signature under it. So we get involved in production of all artifacts, we develop or lead the development of necessary technologies, we help to build a team to support our design.

We launch on time. We follow the principle of fixed deadlines and flexible scope. We work with our clients over many years, but we don’t do year‑long projects; we progress in small iterations that add value.

The mission

Tips (in Russian)

Our mission is spreading design knowledge. The ‘Tips’ section of our Russian website is the largest design knowledge base in Russia. We conduct classroom and online courses on design, copywriting, clients relationships, and even design‑related law.

Tips (in Russian)

We also publish digital books using our in‑house technology. Existing e‑books stand far from high standards of paper book publishing. Typography is poor, navigation and search are inconvenient. The bureau’s interactive book combines the convenience of scrolling and visuality of a paper book.