The online store

The Bureau has designed and launched the new version of LavishShoestring online store. The frontpage showcases the new items and best collections.

June 24, 2016

Each collection and store department has its own style. The items are automatically arranged in an irregular grid so that it’s fun to explore the catalogue:

Image background

Traditionally, items on the web are shown on a white background. Catalogues look dull, and it’s hard to imagine how the items look in real life. The clear glass vanishes, bright objects wither. There is almost always a better background to emphasize the item’s beauty. The dark background with top highlighting is more universal, and some items look better on a bright colorful background.

The Bureau has helped develop the guidelines for picking a background depending on the color and material of an item.

The pictures on the items’ pages help discern the very finest features and fissures, while the factoids provide care tips, tell about the item’s origin, historical period, and style:

When making an order, the website suggests other items that will complement the ones already in the cart (er, basket). When the order is made, the website invites to brag about it among friends:

About the project

Jan 18 —
Mar 15 and Mar 30, 2016
10 weeks
Design & Development
Art director

Artem Gorbunov

Lead designers

Michael Nozik

Ilya Birman


Margarita Maryanyan

Yuri Mazursky

Vladimir Kolpakov

LavishShoestring team

Stepan Bocharov

Aleksey Dvoryanchikov

Daniil Dmitriev

Ivan Ivanov

Vladimir Kovalenkov

Igor Litvinov

Grigory Maslak

Pavel Mozgovoy

Ilmast Toyvo

Anna Chernyshova

We thank Artem Mazurchak and Jacob Khokhlov for trust and assistance in creating the website.