Moscow Marathon Series maps and guidelines

There are six large annual running races in Moscow: ‘April’, Moscow Half‑Marathon, Color Run, Night Run, ‘Luzhniki’ Half‑Marathon and the Moscow Marathon itself. Thousands of participants of each race have to get their numbers, get to the starting position and run the marathon. Bureau Gorbunov designed twenty‑five maps in both English & Russian, and guidelines to facilitate creation of the future ones.

September 8, 2017
The routes and start areas of Moscow Half‑Marathon, Moscow Marathon, Night Run, and Color Run

Routes go along beautiful streets and important Moscow landmarks. The map helps to get a good impression about the forthcoming races and attract runners:

A fragment of ‘Luzhniki’ half‑marathon route

The landmarks are drawn in a distinctive style.

The landmarks are drawn in a distinctive style.

The maps of the start area help runners find their starting position.

The maps of the start area help runners find their starting position.

The routes and various facility positions often change. Sometimes this happens just a few days before the event. It’s important for the organizers to be able to quickly update the maps.

We created a construction kit that includes several information layers: basemaps in several zoom levels & styles, labels & captions, landmarks, pictograms, route lines for races & approach paths, and start positions designations.

Construction kit for Color Run race


The rules of element usage are given in a detailed manual. The process of a race map creation is described step by step.

The maps creation guidelines (in Russian), Google Docs

1. Identify the map set
2. Select template
3. Draw start clusters
4. Draw and label the route
5. Draw start area approach paths
6. Lay out remaining elements
7. Draw the expo map
8. Finalize the map

About the project

April 24 —
May 12, June 11 & 28
10 weeks
Half‑marathon, 5 maps
Color Run, 3
Construction set, 17 maps
Art director

Ilya Birman


Kamil Mindubaev

Sergey Chikin



Special thanks to Yuri Afanasov for active involvement in the project.